In Memoriam

In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing to one of the following organizations that are meaningful to Daniel’s memory.

Flatlander Fund

The idea behind the Flatlander Fund is to create a shared community commercial kitchen that will allow small scale food artisans a place to develop their culinary inventions.  Tax-deductible donations may be sent to Prairie Table, a non-profit organization with which Dan was involved and which is helping to organize the Fund.   The Flatlander Fund has it’s own site for more information:

Tax deductible donations can be made to the Flatland Fund online through the PayPal link below or by mail at:

Prairie Table/Flatlander Fund
201 W. Green, Suite B
Urbana, IL, 61801

For more information, call Laura at (217) 778-1687 or email

Donations can also be made via this website through the PayPal link:

The Epilepsy Foundation

Dan’s family also has a personal connection to epilepsy disorder. Epilepsy receives just a fraction of the funding of other neurological disorders. The Schreiber family hopes that contributions to the field of epilepsy research will result in greater treatment and understanding of a disorder that affects over 3 million people in the United States, and results in an estimated 50,000 deaths a year.

The Epilepsy Foundation’s online donation form.