This page provides the latest information on events being planned for before and after the memorial service in Illinois. If you have any information you want posted here contact the Schreiber Family.

Daily Support
Dan’s friends and community members are welcome to gather every day from at least 6:00-6:30pm at Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, IL to support each other during this time. Grief is a difficult thing- you don’t have to do it alone! Bring your laughter, tears, stories, and share how you are doing.

Visit the shrine outside the Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, IL. It will be there until 8/6/10. You are invited to bring remembrances or share a message in chalk on the sidewalk. No lit candles, please. Stay as long as you’d like.

Saturday, August 7
Farmer’s Market
Come to Dan’s booth at the Urbana Farmer’s Market in the Lincoln Square parking lot in Urbana, IL on 8/7. You are invited to bring remembrances or simply yourself. Stay as long as you’d like.

Yoga for Grieving
Join Maggie Taylor for a special class intended to help anyone who is grieving. Yoga is a source of healing, a safe place to gather our hearts and breath deep. Yoga works on several levels, healing your mind, body and spirit in unison. One of the foundations of this practice is attention and acceptance of life as it is at the present moment. Once we open to this idea we are able to realize that life is always in transition, in flux. We at Amara invite you to come together with us in community to heal. Often the death of someone close allows other emotional losses to surface in our hearts. Whether your loss is recent or something that happened a long time ago this special class, offered for no charge, will make a safe space for us all to continue our healing. No experience needed. Changing rooms, mats and props are all available at the studio for your use. You are welcome to bring objects of remembrance for the grief alter.

Sunday, August 8
Closure visit
For those to whom it will offer closure, we will be respectfully visiting the place where Dan passed away on Sunday. Please meet at 10am at Common Ground Coop to carpool to the train crossing at Leverett Road.

Dan Schreiber Memorial Bike Ride
A group bike ride is being organized to ride out and back from the memorial service at Prairie Fruits Farm.  We plan to meet at 4pm at the IMC, and the path is 4.4 Miles  You can “attend” the facebook event at Dan Schreiber Memorial Ride.